1. bor3d

    Zombie Escape Moar ZE Maps

    Some moar map changes for you guys. Some of these are additions and some are updates. Hoping to play some of these today :) ze_bioshock_v6_2_csgo4 ze_deadcore_c10 ze_diddle_v1_6 ze_dreamin_v1_8 ze_FFXII_Westersand_v7_z ze_floating_rocks_survival_csgo_v3 ze_l0v0l_a7_csgo4...
  2. bor3d

    We're Live and Streaming!

    Hey guys, if you're not in the game server then you're missing out. Please come and join us on the ZE CSGO server for the Extra-Life Charity Event! Don't forget that all your donations to Bor3d Gaming will immediately go to the Extra-Life Chairty Foundation. Thanks for your support!
  3. bor3d

    Server Crashes after CSGO Update

    Hi All, Just letting you all know that our servers are experiencing random crashes after the latest CSGO update. I've been searching for potential fixes, however I have not found anything concrete. The general belief is that this is a Valve issue since it's not related to any singular issues...