1v1 arena

  1. bor3d

    1v1 Arena New 1v1 Arena Maps

    It's been a while since 1v1 got some new map love, so I did some searching for cool new maps. You can see the list of maps I've added to the server below: am_crashz_dust_v2 am_dust2014 am_nuke_ramp am_poolparty am_rob_a am_sewage am_skybound am_titan am_trainyard am_xenon As always, please be...
  2. bor3d

    All Servers SourceMod Updates, New Maps and entWatch

    Hi All, Just a handful of updates for all of the bG servers today. The latest version of SourceMod has been uploaded to all the servers. This should help with stability. I'll be doing my usual plugin update check next weekend and I'll have another one of these updates then. For now, let me run...
  3. bor3d

    Introducing the Bor3d Gaming 1v1 Arena

    While we have had some pretty good success with the Zombie Escape and Surf Servers, I've noticed that the pub server has been getting absolutely no love. After doing a bit of research on some of the more popular mods for CS:GO, I discovered that 1v1 arena's have been doing fairly well. Because...