The in-game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive store for the Bor3d Gaming community.

Welcome to Bor3d Gaming's In-Game Store!

In an effort to offer a unique playing experience on our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers, we're giving you the opportunity to earn credits and shop in-game for cool perks and awesome items. The store features a handful of unique items you can purchase for varying amounts of credits. To see what the store offers, click on any of the buttons below to see the items related to their categories.

*Note: Some items listed are exclusively for Bor3d Gaming donors. If you would like to become a donor, it's simple! Make sure you've authenticated your forum account with your Steam account and visit our Donation page to donate.

Tracers & Laser Sights Hats, Masks & Glasses Trails

How do I use the in-game store?

Using the store is pretty simple actually! Once you've joined any of our game servers you can begin by typing either !store or !shop to view the store menu. This will list out all of the available items for you to purchas eand their prices. Pretty expensive, huh? Well, you better get to work earning those credits. In addition to the commands above, here are commands you can also use in-game.

  • !inv - See your current inventory of store purchases.
  • !credits - See how many credits you've earned playing on our servers.
  • sm_tp - See yourself in the thirdperson view with your item on. (This must be typed in the developer console)

As with everything, there are rules to store that all users must follow when playing in our game servers. Please be sure to view those rules to ensure that you aren't banned for lack of knowledge.

View Store Rules

How do I gain credits?

Credits are automatically added to your account when you play in our game servers. This means that you need to be active in the game server and not in spectator. You will gain 1 credit for every 2 minutes you spend in our game servers. You will also gain 1 credit for every kill you get. At the moment there is no way to gain credits for every surf map you complete, but we are working on that.

You'll automatically gain 200 credits by registering on the forums and authenticating with steam account.

Can I sell, trade or gift items I've purchased?

Selling items back and trading items with players is available. Gifting items has been disabled for now and may be enabled later on once people have accured more items. When you're selling items you will only receive 60% of the credits you paid back from its CURRENT price. Be careful what you purchase and make sure it's what you want before trying to get your credits back.

What do I do if I've found a bug in the store?

Please make sure that you're reporting all store bugs in the Support Center forum. Select the "Store" as the category for the issue and be sure to post any screenshots or error messages you encounter. If you're missing credits, please be sure to contact bor3d so he can view the log and ensure your credits are being saved properly.