Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules

How to Play

You will be assigned to one of the following roles randomly each round: Innocent, Traitor, or Detective.

  • Innocent: play around the map and narrow down the traitors doing traitorous acts ( will be described below) with or without detectives help. When ALL TRAITORS have been eliminated innocents win the round.
  • Detective: Main job is to assist the innocents in finding and eliminating ALL TRAITORS. You will have tools that will assist you on finding traitors. Will win the round when ALL TRAITORS are eliminated
  • Traitor: your job is to be sneaky and cunning. You must eliminate the innocents and Detective with all the resources given to you. Beware when using tools to eliminate innocents and detective, if you get caught doing a traitorous act you might be eliminated immediately.

Traitorous Acts

  • Shooting around or towards other players, unless for self defense.
  • Throwing frag or fire grenades around or towards other players, unless for self defense. (Throwing Flashes or smokes are NOT Traitorous acts.)
  • Declaring KOS order on an innocent.
  • Planting bombs (C4) or detonating the jihad vest.
  • Actively tailing other players with explosive items.
  • Blatantly ignoring or leaving bodies unidentified.
  • Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self defense
  • If you see someone buy a traitor weapon or item you may kos off of those weapons or items only
  • Traitor weapon/item that can be immediate kos
    • C4
    • Jihad Bomb
    • Fake Body
    • Ice Knife

General TTT Rules

  • Do not Random Death Match (RDM) fellow players. You need sufficient evidence proving that a player is a traitor to kill them.
  • Do not ghost - Giving out any information about the game to alive players while you are dead using any method of communication.
  • No Prop Killing.
  • Do not kill rule-breakers or seek revenge - only shoot in self-defense and not for previous rounds reasons.
  • No claiming rooms or areas.
  • Anyone can taze anyone without asking for permission.
  • Committing a Traitor Act makes you a traitor.
  • Do not accuse people publicly in chat or over mic about RDM. Simply report it to admins using team chat follow by the @ symbol

Karma System

A system that keeps track of a players “karma”, or good/bad actions through the usage of a point system. Karma has been put in place to assist admins as well as prevent mass RDMs from happening when no admins are online. Karma starts at 150 with a max of 160. A player who reaches 50 or below Karma will automatically be banned for 24 hours. Alternatively, a player who mass RDMs 3 or more players in a round will also be kicked from the server. Karma is subtracted for bad actions such as RDMs, while added for good actions. The list below describes each action and the point change accordingly. These numbers are subject to change by leadership.

  • Innocent killing Innocent: -21
  • Innocent killing Detective: -21
  • Detective killing Detective: -21
  • Detective killing Innocent: -21
  • Traitor killing Traitor: -21
  • Innocent killing Traitor: +10
  • Traitor killing Innocent: +5
  • Traitor killing Detective: +10
  • Detective killing Traitor: +7