How to Donate

Donating to Bor3d Gaming is an important part of keeping our gaming community alive. In an effort to make it easier for you, this guide will explain what you'll need to do in order to donate:

  • Register on the Bor3d Gaming forums and accept the rules and regulations.
  • Associate your forum account with your Steam Account so you can get all the special perks of being a donor.
  • Visit the Donations section of the site and fill out the donation form.
  • Login to PayPal and complete the donation.

You're welcome to donate any amount you're comfortable with, but will need to donate at least $5 USD to gain "donor status". Please allow up to two (2) hours before checking to see if you have donor perks on the game servers.

Donor Perks

  • A reserved slot on all Bor3d Gaming servers with a priority flag.
  • Special status shown on Bor3d Gaming forums letting others know you've donated.
  • Special status on the Bor3d Gaming Discord server with access to exclusive channels.
  • Access to the Hats, Masks and Glasses categories of the in-game Bor3d Gaming Store.
  • Access to custom chat tags, name colors and chat colors in-game using the !tags command.
  • Access to an exclusive "Rose" glow rank color in all servers.
  • Access to unique Human and Zombie models in our Zombie Escape server.

More donor perks are in the works, so stay tuned as this list grows!