Hey everyone!

So I've gone through and updated the site with a new style, and I really like it. I want your feedback on how you think it works. I do know already that the images in the background are covered up mostly by the content. However, my hope is to get some better images in the future.

Also, the dark style I've been promising for years is now available. It's really not done, but I figured I rather you guys have it than not. I am still...

Hey Everyone,

Some good news as I've just upgraded our clubs system to our latest and greatest release. Something to notice with the upgrade is the new look and feel. Personally I think it looks nice. Quite a few bug fixes have been added and here are some new features:
  • You can tag members of your club as a whole by typing the club name in posts. Do not abuse this please.
  • There is now a minimum AND maximum age restriction for clubs.
  • You...

Sorry for the delay guys, but the Club system is now up and ready for you all to use. I need you all to be very serious in using this and PLEASE report any issues you encounter. You can either open a ticket...

Just wanted to wish everyone here who has supported this community for another year, Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate Christmas then I wish you Happy Holidays and of course, a happy and safe New Year!

Don't forget to check out the new

So after months upon months of developing, we are close to finishing up the first release of this club system. That will let you guys create your own fan clubs, invite people, promote people, etc. It's a cool way to show your fandom. I'm hoping we have a chance to BETA test it in the next few days or so.

I know I've been super inactive, but thanks for sticking with me folks!