Bor3d Gaming

Sup All,

Man, it sucks to be writing this, but the more I thought about it just seemed like the right thing to do. When I closed bG back in 2013 I did it because I was tired of the lack of activity and basically paying for nothing. Well, seems things do not change all that much! bG never took back off like I hoped it would and in the end it just tarnished the legacy a little bit. While this run was a complete failure, I did have fun trying to get it back up and running with a lot of the old crew. So, I want to say thanks to all of the old crew that actually gave a damn and helped out. I'm sorry we weren't able to push this further.

There will be no more revivals of this, but I may consider joining a different community at my leisure. If anyone has any recommendations then hit me up on Steam. I plan to keep just about everyone my Steam friends, but I'll be removing a select few who I don't talk to that much anymore.

bG may be over, but the memories from the past and some fun recent sessions will always be there. Love you guys and hope to see you around!

<3 bor3d